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Record a video for our 2022 Twilight Memorial

Twilight is Mission First Partners yearly remembrance of law enforcement lives lost to suicide, PTSD, and other service related mental health conditions. We hold it every year on the day of the winter solstice, which this year will be Wednesday, December 21. We chose this, the shortest day of the year to remember the lives of our brothers and sisters that were cut far too short due to these conditions. It features a series of videos recorded by elected officials, law enforcement, mental health practitioners, and families. Last year’s event featured videos by Governor Christopher Sununu, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Maggie Hassan, and Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman. These videos can be remembrances, tributes, words of encouragement, expressions of solidarity in supporting LE mental health, or anything else a participant wishes to say.

From the beginning we have wanted everyone’s voice to be heard so we do not limit the length of videos, nor do we edit them in any way. The videos are compiled, played, and they are timed to end at the moment of sundown (ie twilight). At that time, we ask dispatchers for all of our participating law enforcement agencies to call for one minute of radio silence to remember those we have lost.

We would like to invite everyone interested to record a video for this year’s memorial.

Please submit your video to: Info@Missionfirstpartners.net

When recording your video please be sure to remember to state your name and:

If you are representing a law enforcement agency the name of your agency.

If you are recording a remembrance or a tribute to an individual, their name, agency, and date of death.


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