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While we have fixed fees for the 3 unique training programs that we have developed, the majority of our training and consulting work is done on a customized basis and will require a consultation for an accurate quote. Multiple factors such as scope of training, number of days, ancillary services, equipment, and travel all figure into our final contract quote. We believe our rates are competitive and we invite you to talk about your needs with us. As a company, our goal is not to always have the lowest price. Our goal is that by the time we finish your project, you will feel that you have received much more than what you’ve paid for.
For on-site training we book a minimum of two days and a maximum of ten. We will do single day training for departments that are within a 75 mile radius of Concord NH. in completely lecture-based classes such as psychological survival school, we limit the class size to 200 participants. In classes with tactical or scenario-based training we limit the class size to 35 to ensure that every student has substantial participation time. In both cases we not only allow but encourage smaller departments to combine personnel to reach these limits and to share costs. Training together is also a great way to build camaraderie and cooperation between departments.
We here at MFP are true believers in the adage train how you fight and fight how you train. Fate rarely visits us under perfect conditions, so we should not always expect to train under those conditions. While it is desirable to train under pleasant conditions, adversity often does much more to show us what our weaknesses are, and how we can adapt to address them. To this end, unless weather conditions are physically dangerous i.e.: electrical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, outdoor training will be conducted regardless of weather conditions. Your department is the expert in your local conditions. We will consult with you well in advance of your training day to ensure we have the proper gear for your local conditions and to ensure your personnel have it as well.

Our first concern is always safety, both of our staff and your personnel. Unless a training day has a range component to it, during all of our practical and scenario-based training all weapons and ammunition must be secured prior to entering the training area. All equipment necessary for a training day will be either coordinated with your department or provided by MFP. If this training is conducted outside of a department facility and security is a concern, you should plan on assigning an armed security officer for the location. This officer should have sufficient equipment to secure the weapons of all participants during training. These requirements do not apply to classes that are completely lecture based.

Unlike many other training and consulting firms, we do not display lists of agencies who are our clients on our website. There are two reasons for this. One is that we believe that any agency that hires us does so for their benefit and not ours. We do not think that a client who pays us for our work should then be used as advertising on our behalf. While we always appreciate testimonials from satisfied clients, we truly believe that the best advertising is word of mouth. Second and even more importantly, given the vitriolic climate that law enforcement agencies are currently operating under, we do not think it is prudent to reveal to the general public any agencies that may be our clients. In selecting our servers and hosting companies, we have shown the utmost respect for the protection of our clients data. But we believe the best first defense against doxing, hacking, and other types of cyber attacks is to maintain your agencies confidentiality.

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