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Litigation is a process no law enforcement agency ever wants to face. However, in today’s society it is unfortunately inevitable.

Mission First Partners can give you an edge in the toughest courtroom battles. In considering expert testimony, most courts as well as juries will give greater weight to testimony from experts outside your department

When MFP works with your legal team, you position your department for a greater chance of success. One of our great strengths in this area is that we can provide all aspects of testimony from within the company.


Board-certified Physician

Our staff includes a licensed board-certified physician who can work with your legal team to help them understand complex medical information as well as provide direct and rebuttal testimony on medical and forensic reports.

Forensic and Training Experts

Our staff includes a certified polygraph examiner and forensic examiners, as well as experienced law-enforcement trainers that can provide articulate accurate testimony as to law-enforcement procedure and tactics.

Experts in Almost Any Field

Whenever necessary we have the ability to provide subject specific expertise from our wide circle of associates. Each of them are leaders in their fields, and we can call on them at any time to assist with trial preparation and testimony.

Municipalities typically settle 40-85% of lawsuits against their police departments regardless of merit.

By providing all these services from a single company, there is only one point of contact for your legal team, providing not only convenience, but confidence that each expert is working together to help you present your best case.

Please note: while we respect and support the constitutional right of all people to a fair trial, it is our company policy that we will only provide witness services to law-enforcement agencies and individual officers.

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In 2019 police related lawsuits cost
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In June of 2020
state legislatures had introduced, amended or passed
bills and resolutions related to policing

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law enforcement agencies in the United States, less than
0 %
have programs in place addressing officer mental health.

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