Achieving your goals on your terms

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded a grant to conduct training for your department. For too many law enforcement leaders their next question is “now what?” 

Mission first partners has the answers you are looking for.

Unlike so many other companies in the marketplace, we don’t tell you what training we can do, we ask what training you need. Our program development team can create customized training programs to address an agency’s specific needs and training goals. 


Program development steps


Consultation with you

The first step is a consultation with you to ascertain your training parameters and goals, along with any grant specific, legal, or other constraints.

Necessary Research

Next, we conduct any necessary research and interviews with your staff, then begin to draft your program.

Contact with your TEAM

Throughout the entire process we stay in contact with your team to anticipate and resolve any legal, policy or other conflicts, and to ensure you are satisfied with your finished training product.

Custom Lesson Plans

Finally, we deliver your completed lesson plans, along with any necessary training materials to your department.

We can also conduct on-site train the trainer sessions with your instructional staff, or our own trainers can operate and supervise your complete program.  Either way, your department is no longer constrained by one-size-fits-all training programs. You will have a customized program that reflects your goals, priorities, and the unique personality and image of your department. Most of all, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you can fully account for all training costs and monies spent for any grant, departmental, or other audits. 

Until now departments that did not have the ability to write their own training programs were consigned to the take it or leave it programs in the marketplace. Let MFP show you a better way.

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