Online Training Subscriptions


Like most agencies, you have to stretch your training budget as far as possible. Unfortunately, most cannot stretch it far enough to provide every officer with quality training on the multitude of topics that they need in today’s world.
Most agencies have to pick and choose who to send to which classes to get the best value for their training dollars. What usually happens is this: detectives go to a lot of classes, supervisors go to some, and patrol officers often only go to a few. It is frustrating and ultimately ineffective, since every member of your agency needs and deserves quality training that is uniform across all assignments.

Who Benefits From This Training?

The Agency

This subscription stretches scarce training dollars and provides training to EVERY officer in your agency. Better trained officers reduce liability, civilian complaints, and litigation against your department.

The Officer

Better trained officers are confident, safer, more productive, more efficient, and more professional.

The Community

Properly trained officers present a professional image of your agency and provide better relationships with and service to their communities.

What Topics are Covered?

Each month brings new training topics and content to your agency. Our topics include:

Many programs include a required testing component

Upon completion of the training program, the officer downloads the test and takes it. An authorized representative from your agency uses the answer key we provide and grades the tests. Officers that pass receive a certificate of training from Mission First Partners. Officers that do not pass are offered remediation, and retesting.

Upon request CEU’s will be issued by Mission First Partners.

What Other Content is Included With a Subscription?

  1. We also include a bonus training program each month on topics either related to the main topic or a completely new topic.
  2. We have podcasts exclusive to our program for our subscribers only. We have seasoned veteran officers, detectives, and supervisors providing essays and articles every officer needs to read.
  3. In addition to all the above content we also include a once-a-month LIVE online program we call “Extended Learning” during these programs officers can ask questions about any of the training that has been on the platform and then we add another training block on a new subject.
  4. To take advantage of the time during roll call we offer “Briefing training topics,” these are 5–7-minute topics your supervisors can use during the shift briefing to use that time appropriately.
  5. Subscribers always receive 20% off registrations for our MFP/Pangaro online and live classes.
  6. As a subscriber, members are offered a 10% discount on all products offered by New York City based 221B tactical supply company.
  7. We will soon be offering “The Supervisors Corner” a place for supervisors to share thoughts and ideas as well as learn what is new in the world of leadership, mentoring and supervising.

Since our founding, MFP has always been focused on law enforcement mental health and wellness, and our online training is no exception.
Our online training platform gives your agency access to professionals that deal with the mind, body, heart, and soul of the officer. We offer programs on resiliency, surviving the career, getting into shape and staying in shape, and helping families to thrive.
Our goal with this subscription is to provide not just training but a place for your offices to come together and learn how to be their best, live their best lives, and serve the public in the best possible way.
By keeping the cost down and providing so much valuable content, this subscription can help every agency develop their officers professionally without busting their budgets.

How Are Agencies Using the Subscription Plan?

While new content is posted on the platform each month, all previous content is also available for subscribers. Some agencies are assigning which program the officers will engage with that month and using the other training programs as a conversation starter, to review agency policies or other national and state policies. This makes the subscription a living breathing entity that helps you guide your officers to where you want them to be.
Used this way the subscription training programs become part of your internal training process that you can focus as you decide.
Other agencies let their officers watch whatever programs they like and take the appropriate tests. This is all up to you and your training team.
No matter how you use the material in your agency, everyone in your department benefits by getting the high-quality training they need and deserve.

For a free one week trial to see what’s on the platform please contact us