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Media is one area where law enforcement agencies have traditionally not been able to keep up with modern expectations.

MFP, along with our media partner The Brothers Golnick Productions, is here to provide any media services you need. Whether it is commercials, public service announcements, or training media, we can provide you with broadcast quality video for any messaging you may have. The Brothers Golnick Productions is a veteran owned media company with an award-winning director who understands the needs of law enforcement agencies. 

Let our unique relationship work for you.
In 2019
Officers were killed LOD
took their own lives
1 every
In 2019 police related lawsuits cost
$ 0 m
the NYPD
$ 0 m
the LAPD
$ 0 m
the Chicago PD
In June of 2020
state legislatures had introduced, amended or passed
bills and resolutions related to policing

There are over

law enforcement agencies in the United States, less than
0 %
have programs in place addressing officer mental health.

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