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Our Mission is you

Mission First Partners is a New Hampshire based law enforcement and security consulting firm that specializes in assessments, training, and program development for agencies and institutions worldwide.


It’s in our DNA

Our company’s leadership is a unique combination of active and retired law enforcement officers, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

Our Reason for being

At Mission First Partners we believe that there is no higher calling than a life lived in the service of others.

THE MFP Difference

Why Us?

We provide a different level of training from a different breed of trainers.


It's in our DNA

It All Starts With Leadership

Our company’s leadership is a unique combination of active and retired law enforcement officers, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our partners have held every rank from Patrol Officer to Chief. They have worked at every level of law enforcement, Local, City, State, and Federal, and at every scale, from small towns in New England to the largest police department in the world.

Their assignments have included Community Policing, Narcotics and Homicide investigations, SWAT, Undercover Operations, Hostage Negotiation, Polygraph Examination, and Community Affairs.

Program Development

Achieving your goals on your terms

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded a grant to conduct training for your department. For too many law enforcement leaders their next question is “now what?” Mission First Partners has the answers you are looking for.


Consultation With You

The first step is a consultation with you to ascertain your training parameters and goals․

Necessary Research

Next, we conduct any necessary research and interviews with your staff, then begin to draft your program.


Throughout the entire process we stay in contact with your team.

Custom Lessons Plans

Finally, we deliver your completed lesson plans, along with any necessary training materials to your department.

Ancillary services

How Can We Help You

We not only offer training, we offer services to accommodate a wide variety of needs.


Twilight is Mission First Partners annual remembrance of law enforcement lives lost to suicide, PTSD, and other service related mental conditions.


Why we don’t list our clients.

Unlike many other training and consulting firms, we do not display lists of agencies who are our clients on our website. There are two reasons for this. One is that we believe that any agency that hires us does so for their benefit and not ours. We do not think that a client who pays us for our work should then be used as advertising on our behalf. While we always appreciate testimonials from satisfied clients, we truly believe that the best advertising is word of mouth. Second and even more importantly, given the vitriolic climate that law enforcement agencies are currently operating under, we do not think it is prudent to reveal to the general public any agencies that may be our clients. In selecting our servers and hosting companies, we have shown the utmost respect for the protection of our clients data. But we believe the best first defense against doxing, hacking, and other types of cyber attacks is to maintain your agencies confidentiality.
In 2019
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took their own lives
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In 2019 police related lawsuits cost
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the Chicago PD
In June of 2020
state legislatures had introduced, amended or passed
bills and resolutions related to policing

There are over

law enforcement agencies in the United States, less than
0 %
have programs in place addressing officer mental health.

Our Mission is You

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